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Our Work

Human Capital & Talent Strategy
  • Created organization's first-ever c-level diverse talent pipeline and succession planning process.

  • Collaborated with new president to define desired culture, create strategic goals, and develop and implement a change management strategy.

  • Conducted assessments of HR departments including industry benchmarking. Crafted strategic vision and mission, initiated restructuring including outsourcing of non-core functions, reallocation of talent, and acquisition of key talent to fill critical talent gaps. Reorganized functions, and achieved transition from transaction-oriented to consultative business partner model in 18 months. 

  • Developed organization's first talent management process resulting in internal pipeline of candidates for all key positions, reduction of talent drain, and focused investment in high performers/potentials.

  • Introduced organization learning as a driver to achieve client satisfaction and improve employee engagement.

  • Process improvement intervention resulted in breaking down barriers between two key hospital departments, plus documented improvement in patient satisfaction.

  • Reduced time-to-fill by 50%, achieved 95% Net Promoter Score® and improved quality of candidates by 30%, based on hiring manager assessment.

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